Wednesday, August 01, 2012

How to Be a PanFan

There are all kinds of fans out there. Ceiling fans. Paper fans. Rabid fans.

While we don't want you to be rabid necessarily, we do enjoy your enthusiasm and support. To help you be the best PanFans (Ha! Tell us that didn't make you chuckle just a little), we've developed a guide to help you be the best PanFan on the planet.

First, wear island garb to our shows. Technically, we're not a Hawaiian music group but we get that you might not have a Trinidadian shirt in your wardrobe. So find what you can and get all island-y. Flip-flops will also help you get into the groove. Bottoms are up to you, but our musical director does insist that you do wear some kind of bottom. We tend to agree with her.

Second, dance. You know you want to. Don't let all the little kids with no sense of self-consciousness have all the fun. Get up there, shake your booty, and have a good time. We know that you want to pose like John Travolta when you hear us rocking out 5th of Beethoven. It's cool. It's a disco song. We dance to that one, too. Here's the track to help you plan out your moves.

5th of Beethoven by panjammers

Third, woo. Yes, woo. Woo with us, people. We have a specific song in which we encourage you to lose your inhibitions and give a great big "Woooooo!" Don't worry, though, you won't be alone. We do it, too. For special instructions, listen to Flag Woman and note the comments for your moments of woo-ness.

Flag Woman by panjammers

And finally, tell your friends about us. You know what they say, "The more, the merrier." We love playing for audiences of all sizes but you know you'll be the cool one among your friends when you can introduce them to your musical "discovery." Wink, wink. Also, we're all over social media so do that liking and following stuff and spread the word.

Thanks, PanFans. We adore you!

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