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PanJammers performs on the main stage at Steppin' Out in downtown Blacksburg.

PanJammers is an award-winning steel drum orchestra based in Blacksburg, Virginia.


The group initially started as a one-week workshop in the summer of 2004 under the direction of Richard Rudolph of Quest Academy, Roanoke. In just a few months, a core group of players joined together as a performing ensemble, PanJammers.

In 2005, a beginner band, Island Pan, formed and the summer workshop expanded to weekly practices throughout the summer. New pan players joined Island Pan. Also that year, PanJammers recorded their first CD PanJammers Party.

In 2006, PanJammers participated in the Panorama Caribbean Music Fest in Virginia Beach as part of the Virginia Arts Festival, earning a silver medal. The group also recorded their second CD Pan on the Run. The following year, the group earned a gold medal at Panorama.

In 2008, PanJammers participated in March Mallet Madness at James Madison University where the group met and performed for the father of the steel pans, Ellie Mannette. Later that year, the group earned a silver medal at Panorama.

After a restructuring in 2011, PanJammers and Island Pan merged into one band, and those attending Feel the Steel introductory workshops were invited to join the group.


PanJammers is lead and organized by the new "founders" of the group: Ben, Charles, Christine, and Jody. They also perform in the band.

Christine serves as the group's music director.


The group performs at community (Steppin' Out, Summer Solstice, Mount Tabor Ruritans Fish Fry) and private events. PanJammers typically performs more than 15 shows in a single year!

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Mercy, Mercy, Mercy ("home stage" version)

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