Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Culinary Delights

Salsa Verde a la Curt
We have some talented people in our group... and generous, too. Not only are they fun to PanJam with, they also make the group yummy goodies.

Many times Kathryn and Curt are the ones going the extra mile to share good eats. They both love to cook and we are thankful they like to feed us. :) It's one of the fun perks of being a PanJammer!

Kathryn has graced us with such treats as rocky road fudge, haystack cookies, tiramisu brownies, blueberry strudel, and so many more culinary delights.

Curt has made us a few things fresh from his garden, including a cherry crumble. This week, Curt surprised us with jars of homemade Salsa Verde right before we started practicing a song with the very same name. How inspiring!

John H. also brought some peanut butter chocolate cake though we do not perform a song with that name... yet!

Perhaps the next song we learn should be Cheeseburger in Paradise? Ah, wishful thinking.

Want to join the fun while satisfying your tummy? We have one more beginner workshop on Sept. 18, 3-5pm. We might not have goodies at the workshop but once you become a full-fledged PanJammer, you'll love coming to group practices. Email blacksburgsteelpans@gmail.com to sign up. And don't worry, you work the calories off when you play. ;)

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